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Consumer Experience Design

Professor Moyez Jiwa leads a program of innovation focusing on Patient Experience Design.

The work optimises patient outcomes in the healthcare system.

His research was shortlisted for the Westminister medal, (the UK, 2004), awarded the Peter Mudge medal ( RACGP 2015) and featured in the most widely circulating newspaper in the world, the Times of India.

An optimum Patient Experience leads to:

  • Fewer premature deaths
  • Reduced suffering
  • Greater satisfaction for patients and providers of healthcare
  • Lower costs

A poor Patient Experience, in contrast, has an adverse impact on all four outcomes. Healthcare, as in every customer experience, can be conceived as a ritual involving two people- the person seeking help and the service provider. The outcomes are contingent on the optimal experience involving all five elements that constitute the ritual of that interaction; who is involved, where it takes place, how the five senses are engaged, what is said and finally what is done.