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Does your performance at work depend on coffee?

Does the time of day determine how you respond at work? Are you tired by mid afternoon? Are you slow to get going in the morning? How does that impact on the decisions you make at that time?

Decision fatigue is the concept that as we make more decisions during the day, they become less and less good quality… I know that I would much rather be one of my first five patient contacts of the day than my last five. Rachel Ali

Remedies for decision fatigue might include time-dependent decision support, modified schedules, shorter sessions, mandatory breaks, or snacks. Further studies could clarify the sources of the problem and test corresponding solutions. Linder et al

Does this resonate with you? What are you doing about it?

Picture by Albert Drobin


  1. Ian Watts says:

    I’d argue that my decision-making capability depends, in part, on my coffee breaks. OK, so I limit the coffee to one a day. But … I do practice working in ‘sprints’ rather than running a marathon through the day. (Loehr and Schwartz – The making of a Corporate Athlete, in HBR.) I’m mindful and structured, though not rigid about the length of, and length between, breaks.

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