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Making a diagnosis as a family doctor

Click here to view your video The fact that it is often difficult or perhaps impossible to correlate the pathology and symptoms of coronary artery disease has led to a great deal of

Do it as you’d want to experience it yourself

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We don’t know enough about those who come to doctors

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Why doesn’t my idea work?

Click here to view your video The editorial in the BMJ that I reference in the video is here: Photo by Sebastian

The question to ask at six minutes

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A question for anyone who seeks healthcare

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Are you good with people doctor?

He was talking on his mobile phone even as I ushered him along the corridor to the consulting room. He kept up the conversation even as we sat down. I took it all in as he raised his nicotine stained

Why am I having this test doctor?

Jonathan consults his doctor regularly and each time he comes to the clinic he expects to go next door for a blood test or X-ray. Like many people he believes that a positive test means he has a

Do your feet betray you doctor?

As I watched the medical student take a history I noticed his scuffed shoes but more especially where his feet were pointed during the meeting. He sat with both feet on the ground but with his knees

Can doctors learn from movie directors?

In any consultation involving health professionals there are two 'actors' the patient and the health professional. During that meeting each will have something to say and will say it in a specific