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Selecting the right medical students is a start


Eric Last

Carly Flumer

Veronique Mead

Daniel G Garza

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

This video is also available on YouTube and at the Journal of Health Design.

In this series of two minute questions with clinicians and patients addressing the same question we have asked:

  1. Does your doctor know enough about you?
  2. Why is the clinical examination a vital part of the experience when consulting a doctor?
  3. How do you prepare for a meeting with your doctor/patient?
  4. How do doctors and patients talk about treatment options?
  5. What is on display in a doctor’s office matters.
  6. What we ask one another as doctor and patient matters.
  7. What do doctors and patients discuss before a patient has a test?
  8. How long a wait in a doctor’s clinic is too long?
  9. What a doctor wears matters
  10. The greeting is the most important part of the doctor’s visit
  11. Does your doctor send you a birthday card?
  12. It matters where you wait for your medical appointment
  13. Should your doctor ask you to lose weight?
  14. Making the appointment sets the tone for your visit
  15. Tests and Scans may be expensive and may not help
  16. How we deal with disagreements in medicine is crucial
  17. The words we choose in medicine matter
  18. Does it matter where your knees are pointed when you are trying to communicate?
  19. Family matters in medicine if the patient says it does
  20. Doctors can communicate better with pictures and models
  21. Telehealth is established practice.
  22. The question of payment will impact on your experience of healthcare
  23. Why is my doctor late?
  24. Should you confess that you are not at your best doctor?
  25. Should doctors display political or religious icons?
  26. How many problems can you bring to your next doctor’s appointment?
  27. The details of how you present as a doctor are noticed.
  28. Continuity of care is a good thing but it comes with a hefty price tag