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What small thing could add value?

I didn’t think about it at the time. He left my consulting room with a letter to a specialist. I advised him to le me know if the appointment he is offered doesn’t suit and that I would find another specialist who might be able to see him sooner. He had returned to the waiting room because he’d forgotten he was overseas the following week and the appointment he was able to get wasn’t going to work out. It would have been a matter of minutes to change the name of the specialist on the letter and get him on his way. An hour later someone in reception told me he was waiting for the change of name on his letter, I hadn’t been alerted. He had wasted an hour, patiently sitting, assuming I was too busy to deal with the matter and the shine was coming off his experience at the clinic. There was no major policy change required just a bit of foresight and team work to make sure that people aren’t unnecessarily inconvenienced by a system that potentially serves them very well.

Picture by Daniel Pink

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