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I help good doctors become great doctors. The population of most developed countries is getting older and sicker. We are spending more on health care than ever before. Healthcare costs could bankrupt us. Conventional medicine is all about science, proof, tests, research, grants, hospitals, teams, appointments and data. It’s expensive and slow.

A short story

I’ve been a doctor for more than 30 years. During this time I discovered almost by accident that when I put the patient in the high backed leather chair in my office and I sat in the lower ‘bucket seat’ reserved for patients that more patients shook my hand as they left the consulting room.

The Art of Doctoring is about similar strategies to solve healthcare problems with creativity, intuition and insight with lean and inexpensive innovations. It is based not on disrupting the healthcare system but on changing how the people who work in it and use it feel. By harnessing the passion to solve problems and deploying strategies quickly and cheaply we can shape the future of healthcare.

The Art of Doctoring  blog will discuss healthcare challenges, showcase examples of that art in action and highlight innovations that work and have changed healthcare practice and outcomes for patients.

About Moyez Jiwa
I bring experience from multiple roles- clinician, researcher, publisher, innovator and leader. What my experience has taught me is that healthcare professionals can achieve great results by focusing on what is in their immediate sphere of influence. In some of my roles, the only thing I got to choose was the colour of my tie. Despite that, it has been possible to make a significant contribution to addressing many challenges for patients and providers of healthcare. I enjoy innovating and blogging while practising the art of medicine. Subscribe to The Art of Doctoring and you’ll learn strategies from the experience of innovators who are shaping healthcare of the future.